Remote learning in response to Coronavirus

11 March 2020

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More and more schools around the world are closing their doors because of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). The possibility of remote learning has never been so important. These schools have to rely on technology to be able to provide education for their students. As an edtech company we find it important that children can keep developing themselves, even during these times of crisis. Google shared this blog about how schools can stay connected with Hangouts Meet.


Continue classes with Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet gives you the ability to provide classes digitally or guide the students that need help with their schoolwork. With this Google application you start a video meeting (or lesson), which others can join. Up to July 1 you can even have up to 250 participants in one meeting and you can save the recording in Google Drive when you’re done. You can also share your screen, so that your students have the right screen in front of them when you are explaining a specific topic. Hangouts Meet is available for all G Suite users.


COOL for free for all schools

Like we said earlier: we think it is important that students can keep learning. The outbreak has made it more difficult for teachers to educate their students. But, we are here for you! We want to support those teachers who are keeping their hopes up and are doing everything in their power to provide education and guidance. Our gift to all hard working teachers around the world: COOL for free for schools worldwide until 1 July 2020. 


Working at home with COOL 

Are you already familiar with the COOL Platform? Everyone can log into their school account at home and therefore has direct access to COOL, which contains all your educational materials and apps. It is even possible to let younger students and toddlers log in with pictures instead of a written password. 

Do you want to monitor the students at home and push the right applications to their screens? This is possible with our COOL Monitoring tool. Just a little piece of advice: make sure you ask the parents for their permission. Monitoring is usually only used inside the four school walls due to privacy reasons. But given this time of crisis it is possible to monitor the students when you have the approval of parents. 


Your digital classroom

With COOL you can easily use Google Classroom in combination with COOL Plagiarism check. COOL ensures that you are assigned to your own group of students in Classroom as a teacher. This way you can share tasks with the right students and with Google Classroom you can create an overview of the work that your students made. It is your digital classroom where you hand out assignments, allow students to collaborate and assess their work. 


Let us know how we can help you

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