Distance learning toolkit

Teach from anywhere

A distance learning toolkit designed to support schools and empower teachers with easy to use, safe and reliable online apps.

Distance learning toolkit

We get that it is hard to choose from all the different online solutions available. How do you find platforms that are a good fit for your school and teachers? To give you a hand, we’ve put together an all-in-one distance learning toolkit. It consists of:

  • Setting up your Google Workspace for Education environment
  • Our COOL Platform, for free forever
  • 90-day trial of our COOL modules
  • Access to our distance learning resources
  • Access to all our recorded distance learning-related webinars
  • 1 online workshop distance learning
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Google Workspace environment

We will gladly help you set up your Google Workspace environment. Google Workspace for Education consists of proven productivity tools your school needs for online learning, such as Gmail, Calendar, Classroom, and Meet.

COOL Platform

Discover the ease of safely accessing all your online applications with just one login. COOL is our free online learning platform where teachers, students and staff access all their favorite educational apps, (home)work and Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 apps. Even from home.



COOL Modules

If you register for our distance learning toolkit, you’ll get free access to all our COOL modules for 90 days. These modules will help your teachers meet distance learning challenges and are specifically designed to make digital teaching and learning easier. Discover Picture login, Monitoring, COOL Check and Plagiarism check – setting up takes just 5 minutes!

Distance learning resources

Sharing is caring! Please share our distance learning resources and information with your colleagues or other schools in your district. We will be updating our resources page frequently with new, valuable tools and content to support you with the challenges of digital and distance learning.

Online workshop

Let’s kick start your distance learning journey! We offer a free online workshop for your team of teachers to get to know all the different possibilities of our distance learning toolkit. This is the perfect opportunity to minimize the risk of having a great solution that isn’t being used as it should be.