Working together, that sounds great!

Because together we achieve more. 


Become a COOL Partner

Empowering each other

For us, being partners means becoming more than the sum of our parts. Let’s join forces and commit to advancing education, so we can grow better together. With new perspectives, more business opportunities and a fair share in each other’s skills and resources.

COOL for your business

The COOL Platform is a strong, constantly evolving product with a proven track record and high customer satisfaction. Become a COOL partner to empower schools and leverage our product and resources as a growth tool for your own organization.

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Shape tomorrow’s education
Offer better service together
Co-exhibit events

Scale better

Add value with the COOL Platform
Recurring revenue
Expand distribution channels

Cut costs

Reduce customer acquisition costs
Joint marketing collateral
Mutual lead generation

Shared success

Biannual COOL workshops
Joint industry relationships
Shared resources
If two parties share the same DNA, speak the same language and pursue the common mission of ‘COOL teaching’ – then you’re speaking of a perfect match! As proud partners, together we make sure we’re always there for our customers.


Cloud Solutions for Education

COOL for schools

Offer your customers an all-in-one cloud-based solution in a G Suite environment, priced and purpose-built for schools. That’s COOL for IT admins, teachers and students.


Cloud-based control
Automated account creation
Improved security


Digital monitoring
Interactive teaching
No special IT skills needed


Single sign-on
Picture login for young students
Adaptive learning and assessment
We think big. Yet our mission will stay the same: advance education with the best that technology has to offer.

GertJan van Popering

Founder, Cloudwise

We’re in good company

Interested in setting up a COOL partnership for your business?

We welcome ambitious, G Suite-minded partners to join our pool of growing businesses, innovative minds and service-oriented teams.