All apps in 1 platform

Online learning platform COOL gives teachers and students access to all relevant applications by 1 login.


Hub for educational materials

So COOL: 1 online platform where you get free access to all relevant educational applications, (home)work and Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 apps. Do you want to have extra apps on your dashboard? Just add them yourself, it’s super easy.



Single sign-on

Access all the apps you need with just 1 password – whether you’re a student, teacher, or school staff. Sign in once with your Google or Office 365 account and you are automatically logged in to COOL. Super convenient! COOL is accessible from any Chrome device and is free to use!

All online edu apps in 1 platform

Single sign-on

Free to use

Next level classroom management

With COOL Monitoring you can view browser activity and student progress in real time by monitoring the screen of one, several or all students from your own device. Actively involve students in class work by opening or closing websites in their browsers. Send specific educational material to students who need a little more explanation. Or to a group of students who have already completed the assignment.


Stay in control

Need your class’s attention? Lock students’ browsers for any number of minutes. Or lock them in COOL Exam mode so that students can only access apps and websites selected by the teacher. As a teacher you can view students’ browser history from your previous monitoring sessions. Up to 7 days back. An admin can see how long and when a teacher used Monitoring. This way, everything is transparent.

Open or close websites for students

Send personalized edu material

Integrated with Exam mode

Prevent plagiarism

Detect plagiarism by comparing submitted schoolwork to billions of websites in 1 click. Get insight into plagiarism sources and check the percentage of plagiarism per class or student. With the COOL Plagiarism check you can scan the same document up to 3 times. Deliver feedback based on the scanned results and give your students the possibility to improve the quality of their work.

Everything in one place

Once you work with Google Workspace apps, it’s likely that students write assignments in Google Docs and submit them to Google Classroom. Unlike most other plagiarism checking tools, the COOL Plagiarism check is fully integrated into Docs and connected with Classroom. As a teacher, you’ll see the percentage of plagiarism per student in 1 overview.

Multiple checks per file

Google Classroom integration

At the teacher's request

Distance learning toolkit

We do understand that it is difficult to choose from all the different online solutions available nowadays. It can be hard to choose platforms that are a good fit for your schools and your teachers. That is why we provided an all-in-one distance learning toolkit, which consists of:

  • Setting up your Google Workspace for Education environment
  • Our COOL Platform, for free forever
  • 90-days trial of our COOL modules
  • Access to our distance learning resources
  • Access to all our recorded distance learning-related webinars
  • 1 online workshop distance learning
We're very happy with COOL. Students only have to log in once, very convenient! It's a good and affordable product.

Ingeborg & Fred

Director & IT and Media Coach at De Goede Herder Elementary