COOL Plagiarism check

Prevent plagiarism

Compare submitted schoolwork with billions of websites in 1 click and gain quick insights into plagiarism sources and percentages.

Instant plagiarism detection

“Copy, Paste.” Students won’t learn much from that. Scan documents submitted through Google Classroom to detect copied content. COOL Plagiarism check looks for text matches both online and in other students’ submissions. As a teacher, you enable the check without students seeing their own plagiarism results.

Multiple checks per file

Activating Plagiarism check is easy. Checking an entire assignment takes just 1 click! Give feedback based on the scan results and allow your students to improve the quality of their work. You can scan the same document up to 3 times to monitor students’ revisions.

At the teacher's request

Multiple checks per file

Google Classroom integration

Everything in one place

Once you work with Google Workspace apps, it’s likely that students write assignments in Google Docs and submit them to Google Classroom. Unlike most other plagiarism checking tools, the COOL Plagiarism check is fully integrated into Docs and connected to Classroom. So you’ll see plagiarism percentages per student or per class in 1 clear overview.

COOL Platform

Plagiarism check is a module of the COOL Platform. An online learning platform that gives teachers and students access to all relevant applications with 1 login. Explore the other COOL modules: Picture login, Monitoring and COOL Check. Try all modules 60 days for free.

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  • Can I carry out multiple checks per file?

    Scan the same document up to three times with the COOL Plagiarism check. This way, students can improve their work several times based on their teacher’s feedback. 

  • How much does COOL Plagiarism check cost?

    This module costs $2,- dollar per student per year. If you combine COOL Plagiarism with all other COOL modules, the average cost will be $1,33 per student per year. Discover the cost benefit for your school.

  • I want to install COOL. What do I need to do?

    You need to be a Google Workspace domain administrator to install COOL. Fill in the form on this page to download COOL. Next, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace, where you will see a wizard that explains how to install COOL. Select which teachers and students you want to transfer from Google Classroom to COOL. Later on, you can easily add or remove teachers and students in Google Workspace.