COOL Easy Login

COOL Easy Login

Passwordless, MFA for Students

Are your younger students having trouble logging into their digital learning suite? Are you worried about the security of your student accounts? Most of the time, typed usernames and passwords are hard to remember; especially for younger students, English Language Learners and students with exceptionalities. This is even true with password policies of little to no complexity! Replace less secure and time consuming password policies with simple and secure, passwordless MFA for students. 

With a fast QR code scan and simple picture combination students can login to their device, Google and/or Microsoft accounts and connected educational apps while providing even more security to their accounts.

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Increase teaching and learning time

Passwordless student authentication

Connected to students' Google and/or MIcrosoft accounts

COOL Platform

Easy login is part of the COOL Platform. An online learning platform that gives teachers and students access to all their applications with just 1 login. Explore more COOL modules: COOL Focus, COOL Check


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