COOL Easy login

COOL Easy Login

Are your (younger) students having trouble signing in to their digital learning suite with traditional passwords? The passwords are long, difficult to remember or get lost easily. Sometimes teachers are trying to help by writing down students’ passwords and sharing it with them. It’s a quick fix, but not the secure approach you’re looking for.

Introducing COOL easy login methods! Your students can now log in all by themselves with a simple picture combination or a handy QR code. With the combined solution of COOL Picture login and COOL QR login, signing in and starting learning has never been easier and more secure! Let us help you save precious learning and teaching time.


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Easy and fast login

Safe and secure

Connected to students' Google accounts

COOL Platform

Picture login is a module of the COOL Platform. An online learning platform that gives teachers and students access to all relevant applications by 1 login. Explore the other COOL modules: Monitoring, COOL Check and Plagiarism check.

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