About us

Nice to meet you!

We provide schools with IT solutions for personalized education.

We are Cloudwise

COOL is a product of Cloudwise: Europe’s leading Google for Education Premier Partner. Inspired by teachers, students and IT admins, we help schools provide personalized education with easy IT solutions in a Google Workspace environment. With our COOL Platform and Modules we empower 2,000+ schools worldwide every day!

Meet the team

We – that’s a dedicated team of about 90 Cloudwisers: developers, support experts, account managers and many others. From our office in the Netherlands we develop tools that make working and learning nicer, easier and safer for you. We’re here to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us!

Modern education

How do you offer education that matches the digital world students are growing up in? Our COOL Platform and modules unite the best of IT for education. From a user-friendly dashboard with educational apps to advanced Monitoring and Exam tools, easy access with Easy login and a fast Plagiarism check.


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