All our features

A 100% cloud solution

Working and learning in the cloud means: no need to install software and more security and flexibility for your organization.

Easily reset passwords

Teachers can regenerate students QR badge and reset students picture combination without having to ask an IT admin. IT admin can set password policies to run in the background.

Personalize educational content

Create sub-groups in a class or sync with Google Groups. This way, you can provide different groups of students with different types of content.

Build your COOL dashboard

With COOL, students and teachers start each day with ease. Teachers and IT admins can quickly authorize and add apps for classroom use to students’ dashboards.

Pick and pin apps

Select edu apps from a huge application library and add them to your COOL dashboard. Students and teachers can easily arrange their apps using drag and drop and pin their favorites to the top.

Create custom edu apps

Teachers can easily create custom apps and add them to group or student dashboards. Admins can set different app URLs for teachers and students to create a customized user experience.

Webify legacy Windows applications

Run any traditional windows application from your web browser on devices such as iPads, Chromebooks and Windows 10 PCs.

Manage apps on school, group, and student level

With just one click, teachers can assign new apps to their groups, while IT admins can do the same on a school, group, and student level.

Managed Devices

QR-login works only on board managed devices, adding an additional layer of security to your student accounts.

Forget about lost passwords

Easily reset student picture combinations and quickly print new QR login badges for individual students or an entire group.

Login with Picture login

Log into your Chromebook with a simple picture combination. The perfect solution for younger learners!

Login with QR

Log into your Chromebook by scanning a QR code instead of typing a username and password. Manage settings on a device level with ease.

2-step verification

Set up a two-step login with the combined solution of COOL Picture login and COOL QR login. Signing in and starting learning has never been so easy and secure.

Easy login from your browser

On Ipads, log in to COOL from your browser using QR or Picture login. You’ll be automatically signed in to all your apps, easy as that!

Test knowledge easily, safely and quickly

Set up a digital test or exam in just 10 seconds and share it with your class. During the test, student devices will be locked in a secure exam environment.

100% fair digital exams

Lock students’ devices into COOL Check with one click. There, students can only access apps, documents and URLs enabled by their teacher. No chatting, no googling, no screenshots.

Start and end digital exams

Start and finish any type of test with one push of a button. Teachers decide when students enter and leave the digital exam environment – no help from IT staff needed.

Monitor exam progress in real time

Easily monitor the real-time progress of groups and individuals during a test from your own device. Offer students guidance or add extra time if needed.

Answer questions without disturbing

Provide distraction-free guidance during digital tests and exams. Instead of pacing the room, send individual or group messages to offer assistance.

Diversify your assessment

Set up different assignments or tests within one group to facilitate personalized assessment.

Preplan exams and tests

Schedule and create digital assessments ahead of time so you don’t have to be present during the test or exam. A great help for SEN teachers!

Switch learning activities fast

Keep students fully focused. Teachers can lock student devices during instruction with a single click or switch to COOL Check to test knowledge.

Multi-level monitoring

Keep track of students’ browser activity and learning progress. Simply follow the screen of one, several or all students live from your own computer, laptop or smartphone.

Live monitoring of individual learning

Get a clear overview of all the websites a student is currently visiting. Close irrelevant tabs from your own device to help each student focus on their task.

Live group level monitoring

View and manage your group’s online activity. See at a glance how many students have opened a given website and close it for the entire class at once.

Hybrid learning support

Monitor and motivate students as they engage with learning materials, both in the classroom and in a home learning environment.

Send direct messages

Send direct messages to students or a group. Give feedback on a project in real time, answer questions and send quick motivational messages.

Open and close tabs for students

Actively involve students in class work by remotely opening websites in their browsers. Easily close distracting web pages to get them back on track.

Push applications or websites

Engage students in every learning situation. Push apps and educational content to your group or motivate individual students with personalized learning materials.

Easily create subgroups

Create custom groups or color-coded temporary groups. Push personalized educational content and activities to a (sub)group with one click.

Lock screens during instruction

Lock students’ Chromebooks or browsers for any number of minutes when instructing your group. With just one click, you have their full attention.

Privacy for students

Students can see on their screen when and by whom they are being monitored. An admin can review how long, when and for which students a teacher has used Monitoring.

Log overview

See which websites a student has visited in the past 12 hours in your log overview.

Built-in web filtering

Maintain a safe online environment. Integrated blocking and web filtering options protects students from seeing inappropriate content.

Cross-device and browser compatibility

Monitoring works perfectly on Chromebooks, Windows devices and in various browsers such as Chrome and Edge.

Easy setup

Connect COOL with your student information system (SIS) during setup. Student, teacher and admin accounts plus groups are automatically added and kept up to date.

Google Classroom integration

Sync COOL with your Google Workspace. That way, teachers, students and admins are already assigned to their own Classrooms when they first log in.

Microsoft 365 integration

COOL fully supports Microsoft 365 for Education. Access Teams, Office apps and assignments with just 1 login, while keeping your data secure.

Aspen and PowerSchool Sync

Sync your Aspen or PowerSchool SIS to COOL with a minimal, read-only nightly sync. Save your IT admins valuable time.

Create Google Classrooms

Create Classrooms directly in COOL and keep class information consistent school-wide. Enjoy a tidy overview and auto-archive a group when more than 50% of its users leave.

Create mail groups

Automatically create mail groups in your Google or Microsoft environment based on the groups in your school administration software.

Keep your data protected

Restrict Classroom activity and visibility to group members only to comply with GDPR requirements for all user data.

Restrict unlawful access

Thanks to overnight Sync, resigned staff cannot access school data once removed from your SIS. Prevent data breaches without having to manually suspend accounts.

Sync all data changes

Google, Microsoft or Hybrid? No problem for COOL Sync. Enable auto-sync to keep data and student info secure and up-to-date across your SIS and digital environments.

Spreadsheet Sync

Not using Aspen or PowerSchool? No problem! Sync with a nightly spreadsheet sync or add users who are not in Aspen or PowerSchool to your nightly sync.