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Get exam-ready in 10 seconds, prevent cheating and improve focus and learning outcomes in your classroom. Discover COOL Check!

Exam-ready in 10 seconds

Testing with COOL Check saves time. Scheduling, supervising, grading and archiving all happen directly within the app. Setting up a test or exam takes just 10 seconds. Teachers simply choose the date, time and duration, add the test and share it with their class: Check! Once saved, the exam automatically appears as scheduled in the participants’ COOL Check environment. No more physically handing out and collecting big stacks of paper, but starting and finishing tests with one push of a button.

Digital testing, the easy way

COOL Check makes the IT part of digital testing easy for teachers. Enabling additional resources like a specific document, dictionary or calculator is straightforward and requires no special technical skills. Test content itself is created directly within COOL Check or added with a URL. That means Google or Microsoft Forms quizzes, third-party tests and even high-stakes standardised exams can be easily and securely set up – without help from the IT department!

A secure testing environment

Great focus, better results: COOL Check keeps students on task. Teachers lock students’ devices into the secure COOL Check environment with one click. There, students can only access apps, documents and URLs enabled by their teacher. No chatting, no googling, no screenshots. This keeps everyone focused, prevents cheating and puts control back in the teacher’s hands. With the Monitoring function, teachers can view live group and individual progress and provide targeted guidance.

Easy digital testing

Secure and cheat-proof

Exam-ready in 10 seconds

COOL Platform

COOL Check is a module of the COOL Platform. An online learning platform that gives teachers and students access to all relevant applications with 1 login. Explore the other COOL modules: Picture login, QR login, Monitoring, and Plagiarism check. Try all modules 60 days for free.

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  • I'm a teacher. What can I do with COOL Check?

    ✓  Conduct quizzes, tests and exams in a secure testing environment
    ✓  Activate or deactivate the testing environment with a single click
    ✓  Enable or disable spell check by group or individual
    ✓  Create your own test with the built-in text editor
    ✓  Grade tests within COOL Check and add feedback
    ✓  Monitor students’ Chromebooks live from your own device
    ✓  Add a second and third supervisor who can also monitor
    ✓  Send direct messages to students during a test
    ✓  Set the duration of a test
    ✓  Add extra time during a test
    ✓  Allow students to concentrate and assess without distraction
    ✓  Enable text-to-speech for special needs students

    You can find out more here and here.

  • Can I assign different exam material to individual students?

    Of course! Perhaps some students need different support for different subjects. You can personalize tests and exams by selecting one, several or all students and share customized exam content with them.

  • Can I use COOL Check without the COOL Platform?

    Yes. COOL Check is both available as an integrated part of the COOL Platform and as a stand-alone product. COOL Check is integrated with your school’s SIS, so all student information is always up-to-date. Therefore, it’s necessary to work with managed Chromebooks or devices set up with CloudReady.

    You also need Google’s Chromebook Education Upgrade and Google for Education accounts.

    Not sure whether your school meets these requirements? Please get in touch, we’re happy to help and offer advice tailored to your situation free of cost.

  • I have a Microsoft account. Can I use COOL?

    Yes, you can. You need to create a Google Workspace account, which we will sync with your Microsoft account. That way, the entire school can log in using their own Microsoft account.