Tools to stay in control

10 January 2020

Trying to handle an increasing amount of students with devices in your classroom? It can be hard to get attention with the distraction of the rest of the world at your fingertips. Turn the tables and use IT to your advantage!

IT is everywhere

IT in the classroom: it’s unstoppable. Children are adapted to using devices, and they’ll make sure there’s always a screen nearby. As a teacher, it would be a shame to not benefit from all the available online educational content. The right IT tools can be such a time-saver for the overloaded teacher. Let’s embrace it!


How to stay in control

Looking for something to help you stay in control? This could be the support you need: a way to digitally monitor your students and keep them focused. How would this work?


Regain focus

Is it time for the class to focus on your explanation? Lock all the Chromebooks with one click from your own device. Students can’t do anything anymore on their devices. No googling or clicking, but full attention for what’s happening in the front of the classroom.


Monitoring student activity

How is your student progressing through today’s assignment? No need for disturbing concentrated students by walking around in the room, checking their screens. From your own device, you can get an overview of the class as well as an in-depth look of your individual student’s browser window. Don’t wait till they’re finished with the assignment, send a feedback message when you see improvement opportunities. Wondering if they’re looking at the right material or website or getting distracted doing online research? Just check your screen! You can even look back into the browser history of your students from when you were monitoring them in the past week. Don’t worry, there’s no way of checking in on their computer activities outside the school.


On the same page

Asking everyone to copy a web address sounds easy enough, but it’s even easier to make a typo. Don’t spend time asking everyone if they found the website or trouble shoot when they didn’t. Push the website from your pc to the student devices. You’re ready to go!


Checking in while in Exam mode

Making a test or exam on a Chromebook? How do you make sure they don’t search the internet for answers or use an online calculator? Lock the devices in COOL Exam mode. Just one click and your group or individual students have no other possibilities than making that test. And again: just track their progress from your own desk.


Make it work for you

These are just a couple of examples of what a good monitoring tool can do for you. Could you use some help making it easier for you to focus on your actual work: teaching? The COOL Monitoring tool by Cloudwise can help you out! There’s even a free trial version available so you can check it out and see if this is the solution for you. Try 60 days for free!