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10 December 2019

It’s not always easy to keep students focused. Especially with all of today’s distractions at their fingertips! As a teacher, you can regain overview and control in a hybrid classroom with a classroom management tool like COOL Monitoring. Have you explored the many useful benefits of live Monitoring yet? Discover them here!

Get started right away

When you start with Monitoring as a teacher, your groups are already assigned to you in your personal COOL Platform. That’s because COOL is synchronized with your Google Workspace for Education environment, but also with MIS like iSAMS. This means you’ll have all the student information you need and don’t need to create your groups or classrooms manually. You can just get started right away!


Real-time monitoring

Keep an eye on what students are doing on their Chromebooks in real-time! With COOL Monitoring, you can easily view students’ browser activity and learning progress. Simply follow the screen of one, multiple or all students live from your own computer, laptop or smartphone. This allows students to work independently, while you easily stay in control of your classroom. It even enables you to provide guidance during the learning process instead of only afterwards.


Smart classroom management

Involve students in classwork by remotely opening web pages and applications on their devices. Ideal if you want the group to go to a website without everyone having to type in the URL. In addition to pushing online content, you can also close web pages and web applications for one, multiple or all students at once. Is a student unable to find the right tab? You can easily activate them again from your own device. Smart classroom management like you’ve never seen before!


Lock students’ browsers

Need students’ full attention when giving your group direct instruction? You can easily lock their browsers for any number of minutes. During this time, students can’t perform any actions in their Chrome browsers. A red lock will appear in front of the name of students whose screen is currently locked.


Send motivational messages

Do you see a student wandering off the curriculum? Send them a motivational a message by clicking on the speech balloon. You can also send messages to an entire group.


Improve exam focus

Testing knowledge in COOL Check has the advantage that your students can only access the apps and websites that you have selected for them. This way you keep them focused on the test or exam, while preventing cheating. No more secretly sending chat messages, googling the answers or taking screenshots!


Personalize learning with subgroups

While your main groups are pre-assigned to you in COOL, creating additional subgroups is super easy. Do you want to share extra materials with a group of students who’ve already completed their assignment? Or push specific educational content and activities to students need a little more explanation? Once you’ve created a subgroup, you can perform an action for that group with just one click.


View Monitoring history

As a teacher you can view students’ browser history from previous Monitoring sessions up to 7 days back. An admin can see how long, when and for which students a teacher has used Monitoring. And students can see on their screen when and by whom they are being monitored. This way, everything stays transparent.


What can IT administrators do?

An IT admin can see when and how long a teacher has tracked a student’s browser activity. Great, because now you can make sure that the module is being used in the right way!


Do you have a question about the COOL Monitoring module? Check out the COOL Monitoring user guide to learn more or schedule a tour with one of our COOL specialists to see how it works!


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