Signing in has never been so easy and secure

Set up passwordless, MFA for students with COOL QR Badge and Picture Login


COOL or as some call it COOLwise gets you and your students off to a flying start every school day. With just 1 login, you can access all educational apps and schoolwork, as well as your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environment with or without using the COOL Platform. Easy, secure and fast!

  • Multi Factor Authentication for Students
  • Saves time in the classroom
  • Microsoft Entra ID and Google stay in your control

“I teach Grade 2 and to say that teaching anything with a laptop is difficult is an understatement. Before adding QR codes it took students 20 minutes just to login. Wow.” – Classroom teacher

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Experience full classroom support

Enrich everyday teaching with all-round virtual classroom assistance. COOL offers easy login options for young learners, real-time learning monitoring, a dedicated exam environment, and more.


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What makes COOL unique?

In the Classroom

  • Save students and teachers considerable learning time
  • An equitable way for ALL students to access their learning environment. 
  • COOL is supported in French. 
  • Teachers print QR badges and reset pictures. 
  • SSO to students’ device, accounts and apps. 
  • COOL Easy Login supports students with low vision.  
  • COOL supports speech to text accessibility and screen magnifiers.

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Value for IT Administrators

  • Upgrade to more secure student passwords and password policies. 
  • QR-badges and pictures can be reset by teachers
  • Reduce tickets to the Help Desk.
  • Increase password complexity in the background. 
  • COOL does not become or make changes to school board IdP. 
  • Helps younger students access devices. 
  • Customizable login for each grade. 
  • Doesn’t affect any existing IT project. 

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Benefits for School Boards

  • Improved security by allowing for more complex passwords for students
  • Reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack on student accounts.
  • Develop a continuum for students in your Technology Enabled Learning Plan. 
  • MFA-like solution for students which can be used next to the staff and teachers.
  • Extremely high privacy standards. 
  • A solution that suits teachers, students, and IT staff.

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The software is used by our entire elementary. Our teachers love COOL – it's so easy to use.

Marius Loots

IT Administrator at NCS Nanaimo