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26 November 2021
IT admin empowering teacher

Schools have discovered devices en masse. Everybody benefits: with time savings, less administration and better ways to personalise education. And yet, as an IT admin, you seem to have more work than ever. In addition to managing traditional IT, you now have to handle support requests from teachers, ensure students’ online safety and upscale your network to accommodate all the new devices. COOL makes this easier for you! With automation and virtual teacher assistance.

Your school has seen a surge in digitalisation and devices. But even though the right tools and equipment are supposed to make things easier for everyone, you find yourself drowning in work. You’re rushing from one task to the next, while support requests from teachers come flooding in from the very first bell.

Throughout the day, you’re doing tedious tasks like resetting lost passwords or manually preparing devices for yet another digital exam. Amidst of it all, you’re also supposed to keep the network up and systems running smoothly. You need to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches, ensure student online safety, manage devices, configure applications…

Long after the last bell, you’ve barely applied any of your most important skills – let alone had time to look at the bigger IT picture. What if you could help make teachers’ days in the classroom easier on the IT side? If you could save the time you spend day in day out answering small administrative requests? 

With COOL, you can. 


An extra pair of helping hands

Of course, teachers will come straight to you when they run into various tech-related problems. So why not save both your colleagues and yourself time by introducing simple IT solutions, tailored to teachers’ needs? 

COOL is a teacher’s virtual classroom management assistant. With clever, teacher-friendly tools like COOL Focus to improve digital classroom management or COOL Check to test knowledge in a secure, cheat-proof digital environment, COOL enables teachers to confidently operate the technology they need without your assistance. 

Whether teachers are planning and prepping, helping students log in to start their lesson, managing and distributing online materials, monitoring or testing: ​​COOL lends them a helping hand. They save precious teaching time and you finally have time on your hands to attend to your systems, network and backlogged ideas.


Free up time for vision in IT

With COOL, you delegate simple tasks like resetting student passwords or setting up and supervising exams to the teachers. Meanwhile, you do the more technical groundwork, such as setting age-appropriate password parameters per class or configuring web filtering for the entire school. Repetitive tasks like user creation and deletion or assigning teachers to their groups are automated.

Giving teachers the digital tools they need and understand, combined with an overall simplified IT infrastructure and automated management, take you off the hook when it comes to repetitive busywork. As a result, you gain the time to create optimal conditions for education at your school – and the headspace to finally focus on vision, not issues.


To sum up…

COOL makes life in and around the classroom easier! 

As a virtual classroom assistant, COOL supports teachers in their entire workflow. Powerful tools such as COOL Easy Login, COOL Focus and COOL Check enhance teaching outcomes and save everyone valuable time.

As an IT admin, COOL enables you to delegate simple tasks that are solved much faster by the teachers themselves. You benefit from an automated IT infrastructure and can innovate learning while empowering teachers behind the scenes.

COOL takes care of the IT part, teachers do the teaching, and you finally get started on that big IT project that’s been sitting in the back of your mind for months.


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