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29 June 2021
COOL exam app

COOL news for schools! At the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, our revamped Exam app will go live. It’s simple, secure and accessible. A+ user friendliness makes it the perfect tool to safely conduct digital tests on Chromebooks – even for teachers who feel unsure about using tech. No need for an IT Admin to get involved!

COOL Exam app in a nutshell

Currently, there is no simple exam mode that is linked to schools’ Student Information Systems (SIS). The existing LockDown browser or other exam and assessment tools are often technically complex, meaning the IT department has to step in to assist.

The COOL Exam app is about to change this.

Within the protected environment of the Exam app, students can only access the resources their teacher has selected. It’s a convenient tool that can be used for lessons, dictations, tests and exams – whether they are low-stake assessments or high-stake admission and exit tests. 

By working with the Exam app throughout the school year, it quickly becomes a familiar (testing) environment for your students, while teachers benefit from easy, hassle-free digital assessment.

“During a pilot, I experienced the Exam app as an easy and relaxed way for students to take a test in a closed environment.”

Katja Rakic

Principal Anne Frank Montessori School

How the Exam app supports your school

The Exam app is suitable for all levels of education, from primary and secondary to vocational and higher education. Teachers are no longer dependent on IT staff to set up digital exams and students can work in a familiar environment.


The benefits
  • Integration: COOL Exam app is linked to the student information system (SIS)
  • Custom and standardized testing: Give students access to teacher-created tests as well as standardized tests by third parties. Any exam or test that is accessible with an URL is possible to use in combination with the Exam app.
  • Convenient preparation: Plan tests in advance and remotely.
  • Taking tests anywhere: Exam app makes assessment less time-consuming and place-bound. Let students take tests from any classroom or even from home.
  • Ease of use: Even supervisors or substitute teachers can easily set up a test using the associated code.
  • Select resources: Easily select which tools may be used for each test, for example, a spelling checker, online calculator, online dictionary, specific websites and other information sources.
  • Readability: No more illegible handwriting.
  • Personalization: Set up different assignments or tests within one group. Using different versions of the same test prevents cheating and facilitates personalized education, for example to accommodate students with dyslexia.
  • Improved accessibility: Exam app offers the possibility to have texts read out loud with ‘text to speech’.
  • Time management: Set the maximum time for completing the test.
  • Print in one go: Print all completed tests at the touch of a button.

exam app create new exam teacher viewexam app take exam student view

“Practicing and testing should be done in the same environment and on the same device. We know from research that changing test environments and devices can lead to fluctuations in student test scores. We don’t want that to happen. Moreover, it’s time consuming and costly to maintain multiple testing environments, devices and/or classrooms. Schools should avoid this.”

Eric Welp

Advisor and ICT Specialist at Kennisnet

Pricing and launch

Already a COOL customer? Then the updated Exam app is free to use for your school! The app can also be purchased as a separate module in case your school is not currently using the COOL platform. More information and fees will be announced at a later date.

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, the renewed Exam app will go live. We’re currently running pilot tests and expect the app to be ready for use in the first quarter of the new school year.

Stay tuned!

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