Cleaning Chromebooks

28 May 2020

Wipe, polish, shine!

Wipe, polish, shine! We now know how important it is to disinfect. This also applies to the devices that pupils and teachers use at school. The coronavirus can survive up to 3 days on these kind of devices, yikes! Read on to learn how to clean Chromebooks properly and safely.


  1. Make sure your Chromebook (or laptop) is turned off.
  2. Remove all cables and connected accessories from your Chromebook.
  3. Clean the Chromebook body, trackpad and keyboard with a disinfectant wipe or microfiber cloth using disinfectant spray. Note: never spray directly onto your device, but always onto the cloth.
  4. Don’t have disinfectant wipes or spray at hand? Put a little isopropyl alcohol, hand soap or disinfectant gel on a dust-free cloth. Squeeze the cloth so that it’s not too damp.
  5. Make sure that no water spills into the device, they’re usually not waterproof! It’s best to wipe your Chromebook and keyboard dry again with a dust-free, dry cloth.
  6. Clean the screen with a microfibre or glasses cloth using a special screen cleaning solution or some glasses spray. Don’t use a disinfectant wipe, all-in-one solutions or a cloth with soap or isopropyl alcohol, as these can affect the coating of the screen. Again, make sure to spray onto the cloth and not directly onto your device. Never use paper towels as these may scratch the screen.
  7. To clean the mouse and charger, you can apply step 3.

Finished all the steps?
Your Chromebook is now perfectly disinfected and clean – like new!


Get the free infographic with illustrated step-by-step instructions to print out or share with colleagues:

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