Prepare for tomorrow’s exams with Chromebooks and the COOL Exam app

2 July 2020

What will your classroom look like after the summer break? Online tools for education power more schools than ever before. Even the age-old practice of conducting exams is set to change! Now is the time to discover the COOL Exam app: the only fully integrated assessment tool that can be activated directly in your digital classroom environment.

Online assessment made easy
Chances are that time spent at school and the number of students sharing one classroom will remain limited after the summer holidays. Not just lessons, but tests and exams too will be different. Some tests will have to be held in separate rooms or even from home. How? With the right digital toolbox. Yet digital testing raises further questions. What exam software should we use? What is the best device for (remote) online assessment? How do we prevent students from googling all the answers?

The solution: our COOL Exam app! The Exam app is an easy-to-use tool for conducting tests and exams in a secure digital environment. Specifically developed for Chrome devices, it offers handy features like locking students’ Chromebooks in ‘Exam mode’ and live monitoring with up to three supervisors. This helps teachers to support students in an effective manner and students to stay on task. Full integration of Exam mode with the COOL platform makes setting up for a test or exam a matter of seconds! Even from a distance.

No cheating, more focus
In Exam mode, students’ devices are locked. This means that students cannot access apps or screens other than the COOL Exam app for the entire duration of the test. It’s like the digital version of an exam room: a separate, secured space that always runs full-screen. Teachers can open tabs by pushing websites or applications, like a dictionary or calculator. They can also push Google Docs, Forms or other files from their Drive.

Why students love COOL Exam mode

  • Less distractions during a test = more focus and better results
  • Personalized assessment, adapted to specific learning goals and needs
  • Direct teacher support

Monitor student progress and tackle problems upfront
The COOL Monitoring tool makes it possible to view students’ real-time screen activity. This means that teachers can easily track the progress of the group or individual students during the assessment, live from their own device. Is a student taking too long to answer a particular question, or are several students having difficulty solving the same task? Simply send an individual or group message to offer extra explanation and resolve confusion on the spot!

Exam-ready in one click
Switching to Exam mode is easy and fast. Within the COOL platform, teachers navigate to the ‘Monitoring’ tab, select a class or create a custom group and click ‘Start Monitoring’. From there, they press the ‘Exam mode’ icon. Within one minute, all student devices within the selected group will be locked in Exam mode. Once students have logged in to the Exam app, the teacher can push individual or group content for the assessment.

Why teachers love COOL Exam mode

  • Exam mode can be activated for single, multiple or all students
  • Real-time monitoring of individual and group progress
  • Proactive support and problem-solving during tests and exams
  • No special IT skills or admin support needed

Exams from a distance
With the COOL Exam app and a Chromebook, students can even take a test at home! Of course, using COOL Monitoring and Exam mode remotely is optional. The school’s admin can set a specific time window during which the Monitoring function is available. For example from Monday to Friday between 9AM and 3PM. In this way, monitoring students outside of school hours or on weekends is never possible.

What you need to use COOL Exam mode

Improving everyday
Of course we work to improve our Exam app everyday! A new feature coming up is ‘Scheduling’. This allows teachers to set the duration of an assessment in advance, so that the test or exam will automatically end when the allotted time runs out. A further improvement will be the possibility to use the webcam, for example when a teacher gives group instructions at the beginning. These and all future updates will be automatically added to your COOL Exam app. 


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Is there something we missed?
Get in touch and tell us what you need most to manage your students in an exam situation. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions and are happy to answer your questions! 

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