6 Ways COOL Provides Equitable Access to I.T for ALL Students


Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance the learning experience of students in the classroom. Accessing that technology however can present challenges to both staff and students. At Cloudwise, we understand the importance of providing a solution that works for all students. Using the principles of universal design, COOL benefits all students regardless of their age or ability. Each of our products have been developed in response to challenges experienced in the classroom, using the feedback of those actually using it; teachers and their students.

In this post, we explore 6 ways COOL provides equitable access to I.T. for ALL students regardless of age or ability.

Visual Impairments

We are excited to announce that our new COOL login has been developed to accommodate students with visual impairments including colour vision deficiency. The COOL picture login options have been designed to be visible to students regardless of any colour vision deficiency.

For students with low vision who may be unable to see the picture login options, picture login can be disabled so they are able to sign in exclusively with their QR badge.

COOL Easy Login for visual impairments

COOL Easy Login

COOL Easy Login is a QR badge and/or picture combination that provides a simple and secure login to the students’ device, Google and Microsoft accounts as well as any connected educational apps. COOL Easy Login removes the need for students to type in their usernames and passwords while they are on board managed devices.

Typing in usernames and passwords can use up a lot of teaching and learning time for students and can be almost impossible for younger students, students with physical or intellectual disabilities or multilingual learners who are just learning the English language and alphabet. COOL Easy Login enables students to access their Google and Microsoft accounts as well as any connected educational apps with the simple scan of a QR badge and the option to enter pictures. No username and password required! This means all students are empowered to independently start their online learning.

Additionally, the COOL Dashboard provides students with access to all of their most commonly used websites and apps, removing the need for students to type in URLs or pin websites in the browser quickly getting students to where they need to be.

COOL Dashboard

Screen Magnification and Chrome Accessibility Features

For students with low vision, entering usernames and passwords can be challenging. Chrome accessibility features, including screen magnification, a larger cursor and text to speech functionality work in the COOL environment ensuring all students are comfortable using their device.

COOL Available for non-English and non-French speakers

For French language school boards, the COOL platform is available in French (additional languages as well!) School boards can choose to give their staff and students a COOL experience fully in French in addition to receiving Cloudwise support in French.

Remotely Open and Close Websites

In COOL Focus, our classroom management module, teachers can remotely open and close websites for students. This is especially beneficial for students who may need additional guidance or support but would be uncomfortable or embarrassed being centering out by having the teacher standing or sitting with them to provide continued support. COOL Focus allows this to be done remotely providing the student increased confidence.

Text to Speech

In COOL Check, our secure exam environment, our built in text to speech feature enables students to have their digital assessments read to them without compromising the integrity of the exam by giving access to additional resources. For students who have Individual Education Plans, this allows them to continue receiving the support that they require, while also ensuring a secure exam environment.

Additionally, Chrome accessibility features can be enabled before entering the COOL Check environment, giving the student access to the features already available on their Chrome device.