Skilltree offers teachers an easy way to structure and monitor the progress of their students. Students are motivated to learn through the rewards they receive for completing tasks and assignments. Learning is fun!

All together

Skilltree is a tool which enhances the use and adoption of Google Classroom. Skilltree is where Google Classroom, Gamification and using Classroom Material come together. Share your Classroom content easily with other teachers within an outside your school district.

Unique features

Four features makes Skilltree unique for Classroom users:

  • Automatically generate Classrooms based on Skilltrees.
  • Create personalized learning paths. They’ll form your ‘skilltree’. 
  • Only when the student completes the task, the next one is available.
  • Use Classrooms created by other teachers in and outside your domain.

Motivated students

Easy content sharing

Student ownership

Let students achieve goals

Students are driven, through the way Skilltree is set up, to work towards end goals. Showing visual rewards will make the student proud to be successful in finishing the tasks. 

Monitor students progress

Teachers have an easy way to monitor the progress of their students and are able to reward students which will increase the joy of working with Skilltree.


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