Make learning fun

Skilltree offers teachers an easy way to structure learning paths, track progress and boost engagement. Level up students’ motivation to learn!

Personalized learning paths

Skilltree is a one of a kind learning solution that takes Google Classroom to the next level. It’s where Classroom, gamification and your own unique teaching materials come together! Design your own “Skilltrees” and keep students in the loop on their learning goals. Easily share your Skilltree inside and outside your school’s domain to collaborate with other teachers.

Unique features for Classroom users

  • Design custom Skilltrees to create engaging learning paths.
  • Automatically generate Classrooms based on Skilltrees.
  • Keep students on track. Once they complete a task, the next task will unlock.
  • Share your Skilltree and use Skilltrees designed by other teachers.

Motivated students

Easy content sharing

Student ownership

Goal-oriented, gamified learning

Learning is rewarding. The way a Skilltree is structured, students consistently enjoy small learning successes and are encouraged to work towards final goals. Visual rewards and unlocking new tasks helps them stay motivated. Every successfully completed task earns students Skillies! These give students access to fun additional features like customizing their avatar or background.

Tracking student progress

Who excels in their tasks and who needs a helping hand? Skilltree helps teachers track the progress of an entire group at a glance. See how individual students are performing in their various Skilltrees and manage your teaching time accordingly.

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