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Help your students grow

Let students celebrate their learning! Have them set goals, acquire 21st century skills and reflect by building their own digital Portfolio.

A COOL learning collection

COOL Portfolio offers a fun and easy way for students to see and share what they’ve learned. By posting in-progress and completed assignments to their timeline, students capture their learning throughout the year and across grade levels. Teachers gain valuable insights into student progress, while parents can celebrate their child’s achievements!

Goal-oriented learning

8 preset learning goals and skill badges support a goal-oriented and rewarding learning experience. Goals are based on 21st century skills like team play, confidence and problem solving. Students select up to 3 for each assignment. This gives them space for ownership and choice, and boosts students’ motivation to learn! In turn, teachers can award one or more badges or pin an assignment in the special „Spotlight“ area.

Reward students for achieving goals

Easy assignment management

Gamified learning that lasts

Make progress count with gamification

Each badge obtained earns a student points. Points can be used to unlock additional Portfolio themes. This isn’t only fun, it also helps students build confidence! The total score for each badge is displayed in their profile. Here they can also view their current skill level: Bronze, Silver or Gold. This means students always have a clear overview of their progress and strengths, but also areas that still need attention.

Easy assignment management

Portfolio is fully integrated with Google for Education. Students can easily attach Docs, Slides or other files directly from their Drive. While students get to collect and present their work in one place, teachers enjoy easy assignment management. From your teacher timeline, you can filter, reward and spotlight posts, as well as visit student profiles to see individual progress.

COOL Platform

Portfolio is a module of the . An online learning platform that gives teachers and students access to all relevant applications with 1 login. Explore the other COOL modules: Picture login, QR login, Monitoring, COOL Check, and Plagiarism check. Try all modules 60 days for free.

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  • What are the 8 available learning goals and skill badges?

    In the Portfolio app, 21st century learning goals and skill badges are associated with specific roles: “Problem Solver”, “Researcher”, “Innovator”, “Determined”, “Team Player”, “Self-confident”, “Environmentalist” and “Scientist”. Each role covers unique qualities, such as creative talent or presentation skills, which are explained in fun descriptions.

  • Who can view a student’s Portfolio?

    When creating a new Portfolio entry, students have the option to publish their work publicly or share it only with their teacher. Public posts are displayed on the group timeline, where classmates can view and like each other’s work. Students’ work is never shared outside the class.

  • How do I download a student Portfolio?

    To download a student Portfolio you need to be logged in as a teacher. From your teacher timeline, go to the student’s profile whose work you want to export. There, simply click the “Export as PDF” button. You can now print the Portfolio or share it with the student or their family.

  • How much does COOL Portfolio cost?

    This module costs $2,- dollar per student per year. If you combine COOL Portfolio with all other COOL modules, the average cost will be $1,33 per student per year. Discover the cost-benefit for your school.

  • I want to install COOL. What do I need to do?

    You need to be a Google Workspace domain administrator to install COOL. Fill in the form on this page to download COOL. Next, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace, where you will see a wizard that explains how to install COOL. Select which teachers and students you want to transfer from Google Classroom to COOL. Later on, you can easily add or remove teachers and students in Google Workspace.