COOL Exam app

Improve focus and results

Conduct exams in a secure, fair and effective manner by locking students’ Chrome devices in Exam mode.

No cheating, more focus

COOL Exam app helps students stay on task. When their device is locked in Exam mode, students can only access applications, websites and documents selected by their teacher. Monitoring enables teachers to view group and individual progress in real-time during the test. This means more focus and less cheating while teachers can easily keep control.

Exam-ready in one click

Switching to the Exam app is easy and fast. Within the COOL platform, teachers navigate to the ‘Monitoring’ tab, select a class or custom group and start monitoring. From there, they switch on ‘Exam app’. Within one minute, student devices will be locked within the Exam app environment. Once students have logged in, the teacher can push individual or group content for the assessment.

Keep students focused

Prevent cheating

Personalized assessment

COOL Platform

Exam app is a module of the COOL Platform. An online learning platform that gives teachers and students access to all relevant applications with 1 login. Explore the other COOL modules: Picture login, Monitoring, and Plagiarism check. Try all modules 60 days for free.

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  • How do I switch to COOL Exam app?

    COOL Exam app is really easy to use! Simply navigate to the ‘Monitoring’ tab and click on ‘Start Monitoring’. Then click on the ‘Exam app’ button. Set the duration of the exam and push websites, applications or files to your students. These are the only pages they can visit while in Exam app. Simple and hassle-free!

  • Can I assign different exam material to individual students?

    Of course! Perhaps some students need different support for different subjects. You can personalize exams by selecting one, several or all students and share customized exam content with them.

  • How much does COOL Exam app cost?

    This module costs $2,- dollar per student per year. If you combine COOL Exam app with all other COOL modules, the average cost will be $1,33 per student per year. Discover the cost-benefit for your school.

  • I have a Microsoft account. Can I use COOL?

    Yes, you can. You need to create a Google Workspace account, which we will sync with your Microsoft account. That way, the entire school can log in using their own Microsoft account.