Want to double your impact in EdTech? Let’s innovate learning together.

30 September 2020
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More and more schools worldwide are looking for classroom management tools and have found that our COOL Platform and modules are exactly what they need. To continue providing them with best-in-class IT solutions and support, we’re looking for ambitious EdTech companies to join forces with us. Your team is committed to advancing education and empowering schools with IT? Then we should talk!

Who we are

Cloudwise is an award-winning Dutch company and Europe’s leading Google for Education Partner. Our growing team of over 80 dedicated Cloudwisers supports schools with cloud-based IT solutions for modern and personalized education. With our free COOL Platform and premium COOL modules we empower 1,600+ schools around the world every day!

We think big. Yet our mission will stay the same: advance education with the best that technology has to offer.

GertJan van Popering

Founder, Cloudwise

What we do

COOL is all about giving students, teachers and IT staff the tools to work and learn easily, safely and successfully. How? With a user-friendly dashboard for all relevant educational apps, live Monitoring of student devices, a simple Picture login for young learners, our powerful in-built Plagiarism check, and COOL Check for digital testing.

Simply put, we’ve combined the best of Google Workspace for Education with unique classroom management tools in a single digital environment. Besides giving students and teachers access to all their relevant applications with just 1 login, COOL opens up interactive ways of teaching and learning – both in class and from a distance.


Empowering schools together

Providing high quality, up-to-date education is always a team effort. Whether we’re developers, hardware suppliers or other out-of-the-box thinkers – together we can help even more schools with the IT solutions and service they need. If your company shares our ambition to provide empowering educational technology, let’s partner up!

As our partner, you get to offer your customers an all-in-one learning solution in a Google Workspace environment, priced and purpose-built for schools. COOL is a strong, constantly evolving product with a proven track record and high customer satisfaction. This means everybody wins: schools get all the benefits of fun, accessible and affordable IT, while you’ve got something competitors don’t have.


More COOL benefits for your business

Of course, you’ll not only be able to add value for your customers, but also to leverage our product and resources as a growth tool for your own organization. Scale faster and better with recurring revenue while cutting back expenses. For example by driving customer onboarding at low cost with co-branded campaigns and mutual lead generation. 

The best part of a partnership? For us, it’s growing better together. By pooling our expertise and market knowledge, expanding distribution channels, sharing customer relationships, but also simply learning with and from each other. That way, we can bring the full possibilities of 21st century learning and collaborating into the classroom – as proud partners!


Shape tomorrow’s education
Offer better service together
Co-exhibit events

Scale better

Add value with the COOL Platform
Recurring revenue
Expand distribution channels

Cut costs

Reduce customer acquisition costs
Joint marketing collateral
Mutual lead generation

Shared success

Biannual COOL workshops
Joint industry relationships
Shared resources

Is it you we’re looking for?

We welcome ambitious, Google Workspace-minded partners to join our pool of growing businesses, innovative minds and service-oriented teams. Together we can become more than the sum of our parts. With new perspectives, more business opportunities and a fair share in each other’s skills and resources.

Interested in setting up a COOL partnership for your business?