The Benefits of  Passwordless Authentication in the K-8 Classroom, Part 1   


The Benefits of Passwordless Authentication in the K-8 Classroom is the third of four blogs in our Passwordless Authentication in the K-8 Classroom series. In part one of this blog we discuss the classroom and learning benefits of passwordless authentication with Cloudwise COOL.


Equitable Access To Technology  


Passwordless authentication creates equitable access to technology because it eliminates the need for students to type in their username and passwords. For students with physical or intellectual disabilities, those who do not yet know how to read and write, or newcomers to Canada who do not yet speak English or understand the English alphabet, passwordless authentication provides a way for students to independently access their accounts. Students are empowered and build their own confidence and self-esteem while learning skills about the importance of account management. 


Single Sign On  


COOL Easy Login authenticates students securely onto their device as well as their Google and/or Microsoft accounts and connected educational apps. This allows students to quickly access all of their learning needs with the scan of a badge and/or picture combination. Students and teachers no longer need to manage multiple usernames and passwords for different applications and accounts. This improves the classroom learning experience by adding back valuable learning and teaching time and eliminates the need for teachers to print off multiple lists of passwords or use sticky notes with usernames and passwords posted around the classroom.   


Teaching and Learning Benefits 


One of the biggest benefits to implementing passwordless, 2FA is the positive impact it has on students, teachers and classroom learning time. It is not uncommon for younger classes to take upwards of 10-15 minutes to get students signed into their accounts. We have heard from teachers who use their own prep time to sign in each student before class begins. We’ve also heard from teachers who use their own personal credentials to sign students in to save time! 


Setting up younger students on their devices can be quite a daunting task. With COOL Easy Login’s passwordless authentication, students build independence by quickly and independently signing themselves in. This allows teachers to focus on what’s important.


Resetting QR Badge and Pictures 


Inevitably, a student will forget their picture combination or a QR badge will get damaged. With COOL Easy Login, teachers have the ability to reset picture combinations and print the QR badges for their students. This can be done for an individual student or as a bulk print for the entire class. As an added security feature, once a new QR badge has been printed, the old badge will no longer work. Teachers can quickly and easily get the students in their class logged in without needing to contact their IT admins or issue a temporary password. 


COOL Easy Login syncs nightly with your school board SIS meaning teachers will always have an up-to-date class roster in COOL. This makes the first day of school setup for new students much easier as teachers can print off the badge and ensure their new student has access to their account on their first day of class. 


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