Reduce your teachers’ workload with virtual teaching assistant COOL

12 January 2022
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As school management, how can you ensure that tech is an asset and not another burden on your teachers? With an easy digital classroom tool purpose-built to help them, you can reduce teacher workload immensely. COOL is the virtual classroom assistant that supports your teachers throughout their entire workflow. Save yourself the cost of hiring additional staff – employ COOL.

You‘re determined to turn digitalisation into better education. You have invested in additional devices and scaled up the network, arranged training to get teachers fit to use IT in their classrooms and established protocols to keep students and data digitally safe. But your staff is struggling to adapt.

Some of the teachers feel insecure about handling the tools that are supposed to make their jobs easier. All of them work long hours. They lose time with daily login procedures and content distribution, not to mention fending off digital distractions. Meanwhile, constant support requests from teachers eat away at your IT staff’s time and nerves.

So what do you do? 


Make life simpler in the classroom

Technology can open up innovative and beneficial teaching and learning models. But not just any technology. As Open Access Government rightfully notes: “The best EdTech solutions are those that are easy to use, which save teachers time and which share data across multiple systems.” Specifically, to make IT a real asset to everyone in your school…

  • your teachers need simple tools that ease their daily challenges, save them time and require little technical knowledge
  • your IT staff needs solutions that free their hands for big tech projects and maintenance by simplifying the IT infrastructure
  • your students need a fun, easy and adaptive digital environment where they can learn safely, without unnecessary distractions

COOL is built to meet these criteria. As a virtual teaching assistant, COOL takes the pressure off both your teachers and your IT staff. It saves teachers time by addressing the real challenges they face in hybrid classrooms. It streamlines and secures your school’s IT. And it offers students the benefits of personalised education that fits their everyday reality.


COOL saves teachers time

Amazing teachers who convey exceptional content remain every school’s greatest asset. Replacing the chalkboard with an interactive whiteboard hasn’t changed that! Therefore, as a school leader, you must ensure that teachers can bring their unique skills, strategy and personality into their classrooms – and COOL empowers your teachers to do exactly that. 

As a virtual teaching assistant, COOL helps teachers handle tech with confidence and enables them to fully focus on teaching. How? By simplifying daily classroom routines from begin to end. COOL keeps student data up to date, helps with lesson planning, logging in, distributing materials, organising and overseeing student projects, monitoring learning activities, safely navigating online content, testing knowledge and much more.

This all saves your teachers valuable time, reduces their workload and puts control back in their hands.


A simple and secure IT infrastructure

Independent teachers, automation and an overall simplified IT infrastructure also have obvious benefits for your IT department. COOL’s integration with the school‘s SIS and Google Workspace or Microsoft environment, for instance, unifies and eases account and device management across all systems.

Instead of losing time over trivial tasks like resetting student passwords or manually updating settings, IT admins can lay the technical groundwork that supports teachers behind the scenes. In other words, they can refocus on applying the skills that make them so important for your school. For example:

  • Scaling the network to accommodate the increased number of devices
  • Keeping your systems and data secure
  • Ensuring your school’s vision in IT is structurally met
  • Giving input and advice on the tech-side of education innovation

Ultimately, leveraging your IT admin‘s skills and vision will enhance the learning and working environment for everyone involved.


Sustainable professional development

Technology will always be rapidly changing. That’s why COOL is constantly evolving to meet schools’ current demands and actively supports professional development. Our dedicated training department accompanies your teams on their lifelong learning journey and helps them stay current with workshops, webinars and tailored training. 

In addition, COOL schools have access to an extensive library of step-by-step user guides, recorded webinars, and other valuable resources. Our support team of edtech experts helps you and your staff with any remaining questions, so you can get the most out of your digital suite every day.


Make school COOL!

COOL is a 100% cloud-based solution. That means students can easily collaborate and connect with each other and their teachers, no matter whether classes take place in a hybrid or distance learning environment. COOL helps minimise learning loss by facilitating easy, teacher- and student-friendly options to join classes from home if one or more students can’t attend in person.

Blocking and filtering options help protect the well-being of your students. Easy access to educational apps and live feedback from teachers on their projects and assignments keeps them engaged. Personalisation options, such as differentiated tests adapted to students’ specific learning needs, open up new models of teaching and learning. All in a secure environment.

Serving as both a virtual teaching assistant and a learning platform, COOL helps create a hybrid environment where students and staff can thrive. Teachers feel supported and save precious teaching time, IT admins take care of technical groundwork and big IT projects, and your students receive modern and personalised education.



Why choose COOL? 

  • Because a school is as good as its teachers – and COOL helps your teachers be their best: supported, confident and balanced. Employing COOL as a virtual teaching assistant means teachers can easily handle the technology in their classrooms themselves and use class time to the fullest. 
  • Your IT admins can refocus on education innovation, cyber-security, the network and your systems within a unified, easily manageable IT infrastructure. And you can rely on COOL to streamline and secure your school administration.
  • Last but not least, COOL enhances digital and hybrid learning. It improves accessibility, promotes collaboration and digital wellbeing, and lets students benefit from personalised education in an inspiring and empowering environment. 

In short, COOL helps you navigate the complexities of driving digital learning forward.


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