Our time at the Bett Show

9 March 2020

COOL @ The Bett

“Your product is as COOL as your branding.” This was one of the many quotes from our booth visitors at The Bett Show. This year’s theme of The Bett focused on empowering teaching, well-being and innovation. At our COOL booth, we explained how we help teachers and IT admins to achieve just that in their schools. Our brightly colored COOL letters could be recognized from far away and attracted as much existing users as interested visitors.


Live demonstrations of COOL

COOL Monitoring, Exam mode, Picture login, and Plagiarism check: These modules form the unique building blocks of our COOL Platform. Their various functionalities were shown during live demos presented by our COOL specialists. Especially the combination of all our COOL modules in one easy-to-use platform was deemed beneficial by participating schools and educators. Why use multiple platforms, if you can have everything you need in one place?

We had many conversations about the value of our platform for its use in the classroom. Mainly our innovative classroom management tools and short setup time were reasons for visitors to start their free COOL trial on the spot. We’re still stoked that so many of you saw the advantages and loved the efficiency and time-saving capabilities of our COOL Platform! And we can’t wait to hear about your experiences upon completing your free 60 day trial.


Google Anywhere School

As Google’s biggest partner in Europe, we were also invited to visit Google HQ in the centre of London for The Anywhere School. An inspirational event where we were immersed in Google tools and the ways they support authentic learning. We took part in a practical journey of discovery where every participant experienced how Google tools can support teaching and learning in the classroom.

It was a great opportunity to bring some of our COOL customers and experience how Google powers education together. We want to thank Google for their hospitality!


On to The Bett show 2021

We thank you all for visiting our booth and for inspiring us with your enthusiasm during our many conversations. We’re happy to say our first time at The Bett show was a success. And of course we will be back next year for the 2021 edition – bigger and better!