New: Log in easier with QR!

7 November 2020
QR login

We’re always looking for ways to make IT easy for schools. For example by enabling students to log in safely, quickly and independently. In addition to Picture login, it’s now also possible for your students to log in to G Suite with their own unique QR code!

After a successful pilot project, COOL QR login is now available worldwide. The new functionality is already live for Chrome devices and will soon be extended to all other operating systems. Are you curious how QR can make the start of the school day even easier? Here comes everything you need to know about COOL QR login, from setting it up for your school to using it in your classroom.

What is QR login?

You’ve probably seen a QR code before. QR stands for quick response and is a type of barcode. You scan it, for example with your phone camera, to automatically access the information linked to it. All in a matter of seconds. The COOL QR login brings that same ease of use into the classroom. Students scan their unique QR code with their device to quickly and safely log in to Google Workspace and the COOL environment, where they have immediate access to their schoolwork and educational apps. 

With this new feature, COOL specifically meets schools’ demand for secure tools that make logging in as easy as possible. In 2016 we introduced Picture login, which lets young students log in with a simple picture combination. QR login now gives them the additional option to simply scan their badge and get started! This also means distance learning just got easier: By combining Picture login with QR login, children can login safely and independently when they’re learning from home.


Using QR to log in to Google and COOL

Your school already uses COOL? Great! If not, setting up QR login is the perfect opportunity to tap into all the benefits of the COOL Platform and our complete suite of classroom management tools. Because with the COOL QR login, you don’t just log in to Google Classroom and your Google Workspace environment, but straight into COOL! 

On our free-to-use COOL Platform, students have all their educational apps and schoolwork at their fingertips, while teachers have an easy time staying in control. For example by monitoring students’ activity and progress in real-time or with handy tools to support secure (distance) testing. All of this and more, readily accessible with one quick QR scan.


Setting up QR login for your school

Step 1: Request QR login for your school

Whether your school is new to COOL or not: request QR login via this this form and we’ll get in touch to set things up smoothly for you! Once the QR login is activated, your school’s IT admin can select which groups will be using it. You can use the QR login as an extra option next to Picture login or combine both options for additional security. Learn how it works.


Step 2: Use QR badges in the classroom

Once the COOL QR login is set up for your group, you can start working with it in class. The teacher or IT admin can generate and print QR badges straight from the COOL environment in just a few clicks. This can be done for individual students or for all students of a group at once. By handing out the printed codes as physical badges, your students will always have their personal QR code at hand. That means no more children with forgotten passwords!


Safety first

A QR badge got lost or damaged? Don’t worry! By simply generating a new badge in COOL, the old QR code becomes invalid and can no longer be used to log in. That’s because each badge has a date-time stamp. Of course, it’s also possible to periodically renew all badges in one go. Why not involve your students in the process of keeping their QR code safe? Have them craft their own keycords to hang their COOL QR badges on! 


Any questions?

For questions about the COOL QR login and pricing options, please feel free to contact one of our COOL experts here. We’re happy to help!

We’re happy to help

  • Can I set up COOL QR login myself or do I need a COOL specialist?

    As IT administrator of a school, you can set up COOL QR login yourself. You will need some technical knowledge of Google Workspace for Education and how to install certificates on your domain. Too much hassle for you? Let us do the work! Contact us and we will set up COOL QR login for you in no time.

  • Can I sign in at home with COOL QR login?

    We recommend you to sign in from school with COOL QR login for security reasons. However, it is possible to sign in from home with COOL QR login with no further restrictions. For extra security, we advise you to combine QR login with Picture login when signing on from home.

  • Can I combine QR login with Picture login?

    Absolutely! From now on you can log in to COOL learning environment with 2 different methods: QR login and Picture login. After a simple setup, you can easily choose which way you want to log in. By combining COOL Picture login with COOL QR login, we guarantee you the most secure way to start your COOL journey!

  • How much does COOL QR login cost?

    This module has a markt conform price. If you combine COOL QR login with other COOL modules you will get a nice personalized pricing. Discover the cost-benefit for your school.

  • I have a Microsoft account. Can I use COOL QR login?

    Yes, you can. You need to create a Google Workspace account, which we will sync with your Microsoft account. That way, the entire school can log in to COOL using their own Microsoft account. Then you can easily sign in with the QR login method and get started right away!