How to set up and manage Chrome

How to set up and manage Chrome


As an IT admin for your K12 school, you can deploy the Chrome Browser to users across Microsoft, Windows, Apple, Mac, and Linux computers. You can then manage 200+ policies that govern people’s use of Chrome, such as the apps and extensions they can use, data security and privacy, their browsing experience and more. If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of how to manage Chrome for your K12 school, don’t miss this free COOL webinar! 

In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • The differences between User, Chrome browser, Chromebook, Kiosk and managed guest session options 
  • How to manage users and device settings from Chrome
  • How to push a start-up page from Chrome
  • How to automatically delete local data after use
  • How to customize accessibility and keyboard layout
  • How to pre-set domain for easy login
  • Other exclusive tips from Google certified trainers!

We’ll also be saving some time for Q&A at the end, so bring your questions!

This webinar is the third part of a series of 10 fantastic free monthly webinars. We developed this series to help IT admins or anyone who would like to master the foundations of Google Admin Console to manage Google services for their school. You will also receive a certificate for participating in this webinar. At the end of this series of webinars, you will be ready to take your Google Admin exam and pass it with flying colors!

Here is what our past attendees have to say about this webinar series:

“Wonderful session! Very happy to attend the webinar. The trainer is explaining very well. Thanks for the guidance!”

“Great work! We are looking forward to getting the certificate!”

Don’t miss this chance to talk face-to-face with our Google certified trainer and learn new skills along the way!


The webinar takes place on:

Thursday, May 6th at 4.00 PM CET, 8.00 MST, 10.00 EST

Check out our Linkedin events page here to mark the date!

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P.s. Did you miss the earlier webinars? Don’t worry! You can access the recordings here or subscribe to our Youtube channel for additional content.