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COOL guide: Easy login & working from home

Are your students logging in from home? In addition to a classic username and password combination, COOL lets your students access their Chromebook and Google account with an easy picture password or QR code. Download our step-by-step user guide to learn how logging into COOL works!

What is COOL Easy login?

COOL Easy login offers additional login methods besides the classic username and password combination. A secure and time-saving solution, both in class and when you or your students join lessons from home.

Even the youngest students can log in all by themselves with a simple picture combination or a handy QR code. The combined solution of COOL Picture login and COOL QR login provides extra security while keeping it simple.

What can I use it for?

  • Setting up age-appropriate and personalised login methods
  • Enabling students to login independently in class and from home
  • Giving students easy access to lessons and learning materials
  • Combining Picture login and QR login for an extra secure two-step login

Download the guide

Ready to get started with COOL? Download the COOL Easy login & working from home guide for free: