A new look for COOL!

6 December 2021

COOL news: your virtual classroom assistant got a brand new look. The new design not only gives COOL that extra bit of flair – it’s more enjoyable to work with, too! Fresh colours, improved navigation and an even better user experience are some of the changes you can now discover.

Our teams have worked hard on an improved design for an even more user-friendly COOL experience. And now we’re ready to share it with you! COOL has just been transformed into its best version yet. So the next time you log in, you’ll see COOL in its brand new look. To help you prepare for the change, we’ve created two quick guides for students and staff:

Guide for students     Guide for teachers


What’s new?

The main differences are in the navigation menu. The top bar has been renewed and given a fresh colour. In addition, the sidebar is new and your COOL modules are now grouped and displayed more clearly. Visual improvements include adjustments to functional elements such as control buttons and checkboxes, which now all have the same colour.

Why a new design?

We redesigned COOL to better match the colors and style of our company, Cloudwise. But more than that, we wanted to improve your experience of working and learning with COOL. 

Better use is made of screen space, giving you an even better overview. Navigation is simplified: you’ll find all your modules at the press of one button. Thanks to these changes, COOL can support you even better throughout your day, is even more user-friendly and offers a consistent look, no matter which COOL tool you are using.


COOL feedback

The new design has already been tested by teachers and students and received lots of praise! According to the first users, the new COOL environment looks good and clean and maintains a calm environment with fresher colors. The navigation has become more intuitive and clear.

“COOL looks nice and professional.”

“Impressive, looks very neat and organized.”

“I think it looks nice, it also seems easier for everyone to operate it.”

“Fresh colors. Calm environment.”

“Navigating is a lot easier and functions are in logical places.”


Will you be using the revamped version of COOL yourself?
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